Affinity Networks

Our priority is to foster a culture that attracts the best of the best, where people are promoted on their merit, where we value others and expect respect from them in turn, and where opportunities for development are widely available to all – regardless of differences.

In CSC Poland we have 6 active Affinity Networks:

Multicultural Network - Our main focus is to embrace and celebrate the diversity of Citi Poland employees and learn from each other about different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. 

Pride Network - Our mission is to foster an environment of inclusiveness, respect, equality where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees can feel safe about their lives and can make a full and meaningful contribution to corporate objectives without any obstacles due to their sexual orientation or gender.

disAbility Network - We are here to promote diversity through focusing on acceptance and inclusion of persons with disabilities by building awareness and supporting the growth of disability confidence within Citi Poland. The network focuses on personal and professional growth and overcoming barriers in an environment where colleagues can truly be themselves.

Women's Network - mission is to provide a forum to inspire our members, share professional knowledge, best practice experience within Citi, help to develop soft skills, build networking and promote teamwork, regardless of gender, and in doing so improve the profitability and sustainability of Citi as a whole. To be a catalyst for attracting and retaining talent and promoting women leaders at Citi.

Famielies Matter Network- We are concentrated on promoting and supporting working and future parents in their work life balance, parenting roles and responsibilities. We are promoting friendly environment around families, young & “adult” kids  within Citi. 

Women in Technology- Our goal is to create a pipeline of women to fill experts and leadership positions - activate internal & attract external. Implement Diversity & Inclusion culture in the hiring, development and promotions process.