Why Choose Citi?

Experience and Trust
Seasoned professionals averaging 13 years of deal experience.

Unconflicted Model
Unlike the majority of our competitors — who outsource execution and settlement — Citi provides full ERISA fiduciary protection throughout the lifecycle of the transition.

Seamless Project Management
State-of-the-art proprietary transition management system. Our systems interface with our analytical tools so that the strategy we have chosen can be directly applied to the transition portfolios for implementation. All transition data is communicated electronically with counterparties.

Operational Control
Our global custodial network, which settles over 1.5 million trades a day, provides you with unmatched operational processing and reconciliation — boasting a greater than 99% settlement rate and a local office presence in over 100 markets.

Risk Management
Rigorous analytical examination of every transition portfolio. Multi-factor attribution of all significant risk factors. Robust automated checks to flag issues with securities early.

Meaningful Transaction Cost Estimates
Sophisticated transaction cost modeling tools provide realistic transaction cost estimates. Models are calibrated on millions of actual Citi transactions and incorporate tick-by-tick prices rather than close-to-close prices, which our competitors employ.

Global Direct Execution Expertise
A world leader in global execution with smart order routing, direct access to local markets (DMA), and a full suite of advanced trading algorithms. Specialist trading groups are leveraged for particular product trading needs. Preferred execution partner for the world’s most sophisticated trading firms.

Natural Liquidity and Distribution

  • FX-Up trade over $200 billion daily and cross over $15 billion a day with no slippage.
  • Fixed Income-The largest global market share among issuers.

Flexible Transition Solutions
Offering a full suite of alternatives evaluated for each transaction, including performance guarantees, derivative and futures hedges, and ETF recreation/redemption services.

Total Transparency
Comprehensive accounting of every transaction and attribution of all costs.

The only transition manager on the street to show name-by-name crossing details on both a pre and post trade basis.