Credit Cards
General Information on Card Membership

a) Card Account Number:

This is your unique card account number. Please mention it on the back of your cheque when making payments and also on all correspondence.

b) Your Name:

You are the only person authorized to use this card. Please ensure that your name is accurately embossed, and that you have put your signature on the back of the card using a ball-point pen.

c) Valid Dates:

The "Valid through'' dates show the valid period for use of your card. The valid dates extend from the opening month to the last day of the closing month. Renewal is automatic unless cancelled by either the Cardmember or the Issuer.

d) Visa/MasterCard Logo:

Your card is accepted at over 13 million establishments throughout the world that display these signs in Pakistan, more than 10,000 establishments are currently accepting our cards.

Card Membership Fees:

Basic Card Annual Fee (Silver): Rs. 2,000

Basic Card Annual Fee (Gold) Rs. 4,000

Supplementary Card Annual Fee (Silver) Rs.750

Supplementary Card Annual Fee (Gold) Rs. 2,000

Basic Affinity Card Annual Fee (Silver) Rs. 500

Supplementary Affinity Card Annual Fee (Silver) Rs. 250

Basic Affinity Card Annual Fee (Gold) Rs. 1,000

Supplementary Affinity Card Annual Fee (Gold) Rs. 500

How to read your statement of Account

You will receive a monthly Statement of Account showing a complete record of your monthly account activities. It shows clearly, all Purchases, Cash Advances, Payments and any applicable fee or charges applied to your Card account since the last statement date. Please, read your statement carefully before making any payments.

How to Make your Payments

Monthly payment of your Citibank Credit Card is very important. This section provides you with the information on the various alternatives that can be used to make payments for your Card.

    For your convenience, payments may be made by cheque. If you pay by cheque, please ensure that your cheque is drawn on a bank in the same city as where your card was issued. Please make all cheques payable to Citibank Credit Cards marked "A/C Payee Only" and in Pak Rupees. Please remember to write your card account number on the back of the cheque and send it enclosed with the statement payment coupon. You can also drop your payment envelope in specially marked boxes at Gerry's/ FedEx Business Services Centers, Caltex Star Mart and Citibank Branches and offices FREE OF COST! The cheques that are deposited by you at Citibank branches or sent by mail are first sent for clearing and only after funds are received the payment is posted to your account. This procedure takes approximately three business days. For all returned cheques, there is a fee upto Rs. 800 which will appear on the next billing statement.

  • Direct Debit
    You may arrange for your monthly Citibank Credit Card charges to be automatically deducted through direct debit if you hold an account with Citibank. For more information please call Citiphone at 111-222-222 or 111-333-333.

  • Cash at Counter
    You can deposit cash payment at Citibank branches in Pakistan during banking hours. However, please note that a flat processing fee of Rs. 250 will be charged for each cash payment.

What is Good Credit?

The key to maintaining good credit is to use only as much credit as you can afford, and what you will be able to pay back on time. Managing your credit is easy if you follow a a few simple guidelines:

  • Pay at least the minimum payment due. If you don't want to pay your full balance each month, Credit Card companies require that you pay atleast a minimum amount to keep your account in good standing. If you consistently pay more than the minimum due and do not exceed your Credit Limit, you will improve your credit rating.
  • Always pay on time. Your payments are recorded in your credit record. It's preferable to pay the minimum balance due on your Credit Card Account on time.
  • Do not exceed your Credit Limit. Try to keep your account balances within your assigned Credit Limits. We understand that emergency situations arise, so if you need to go beyond your Credit Limit, please call us at 111-222-222 or 111-333-333 for more information.

Statement not received

If you do not receive your statement of account within 7 working days from the statement date you are requested to kindly call CitiPhone Banking and request for a duplicate one, or you may have the same faxed back to you through our self-service banking option. If you are registering a complaint against the non-receipt of the statement, we would like to inform you that the minimum time required for the investigation is a minimum of 7 working days. This is so because we have to get in touch with our external agency, which is a courier company who retrieves the Proof of Delivery ( POD) and has it verified.

Credit Limit Enhancement:

Credit Limit enhancement are only given after the completion of one year's membership, provided the Card's credit history is good. Making your monthly payment on time is mandatory if you wish to avail the added benefits and incentives that the Bank provides to good customers. The bank reserves the right to enhance the limit on the merit of each individual request. Also, after the completion of one year membership the Credit Limit can only be enhanced once every six months.
For more information please call Citiphone at 111-222-222 or 111-333-333.

Merchant Surcharging

If a merchant asks you for an addional amount along with the retail price of the commodity you want to purchase, please do not let him charge you any additional amount, nor are you advised to sign on the sales slip. We have entered into an agreement with the merchants that only actual price will be charged. In case where the price is negotiated with merchants, the merchants might charge extra over the actual price, if payment is being made through the Card.
For more information please call Citiphone at 111-222-222 or 111-333-333.

Authorization Problem

If you are having a problem in receiving authorization on your card, there could be a couple of reasons for this:
a) You may be overlimit on your Card i.e you have exceeded your Credit Limit
b) The magnetic strip on your Card may be damaged.
c) Payment not received against the previous statement balance.
d) Duplicate transaction taken by the merchant in case of foreign transactions, which get cancelled out after 14 days.
e) Amount blocked due to the difference in the transaction amount and billing amount. What happens is that once a merchant takes authorization for a foreign transaction, the amount for which he takes the authorization is of certain amount by which the Credit Limit decreases. When the same transaction is billed to the customer after currency conversions, the amount billed is different from the one against which the initial authorization was taken. Hence the two amounts do not match and the Credit Limit gets decreased by both the amounts. This is a general practice which is followed all over the world.
f) There are instances where the transaction does not get declined, but a referral generation request is received by the merchant whereby the merchant has to contact his local acquiring bank, who then contacts Citibank Pakistan. This is especially so in foreign transactions.
You are requested to kindly contact our Authorization unit at 111-555-555 , telex (9221) 29714 or call our CitiPhone Banking at 111-222-222 or 111-333-333 for assistance in case your transaction is not processed.

Transaction Dispute

If you find an error in your statement of account, report the matter to our customer service center within 7 days.
If you don't recognize the name of the merchant where you conducted the transaction, or if you disagree with a charge, it may be helpful to do the following:

  • Review your charge slips first to find out if it's the same merchant where you made the purchase.
  • Check with your Supplementary Cardholders to see if perhaps they made the purchase or obtained Cash Advance.

If you still feel that there may be an error, please provide us the information as specified in the format within 14 days from your statement date. In most cases, we can immediately post a credit to your account, for the amount in question. We cannot guarantee, the charge dispute will be resolved in your favour, but will work with you and the Merchant/Acquiring bank/Visa/MasterCard International to settle the dispute quickly and fairly. Your co-operation in this aspect will be absolutely essential.

Financial Charges calculation

As a Citibank Cardmember, you are provided with the facility of interest free repayment. However, if you fail to pay even the minimum amount within due date, you are then liable to late fee charges @ 10% of the minimum payment of Rs. 600 which ever is higher. If you pay the minimum amount, but less than the full amount within the due date, you will not be charged late fee but Service fee of 3% per month ( 0.09863% per day) will be levied on your account. The Service fee is calculated on each transaction individually, using the following forumula:

Service fee = Transaction amount x No. of days x 0.09863%

Cheque Payment not Posted

You are requested to place your cheques in our specific purpose-built drop boxes at various sites throughout the city, to facilitate you and add to the convenience of cheque payment on your Card Account. You are requested to drop your cheques at the designated Drop Box Locations.

All the designated locations have drop boxes with the CITIBANK logo on them. In order to ensure that your payment is credited to your Card Account in time, you are requested to deposit your crossed Cheque in the drop box at least five-six days before the due date shown on your statement. Additionally, Citibank Cardmembers can also use drop boxes available at all Citibank branches and offices.

Please note that your Card account will be credited once your cheque has been cleared.

Foreign Airline Ticket Purchase

If you use your Credit Card to pay for any foreign travel tickets the amount that is signed eventually for on the receipt may vary from the amount that is subsequently billed in your Statement of Account. This is because purchase of tickets or foreign non-Pakistani airlines are treated as foreign currency transactions and as such are sent for clearance by the respective airline to the head office of the concerned airline, in its country of origin. As such, and in accordance with the Cardmember terms and conditions, the transaction is subject to all applicable rules and procedures of Citibank for foreign currency conversion into Pak Rupees based or the exchange rate being used by Citibank at the time of conversion.

Use of card outside Pakistan

For all retail charges outside Pakistan, the conversion from foreign currency amount to U.S. Dollar amount is billed by Visa/MasterCard International at prevalent Visa/MasterCard International exchange rate. The conversion from U.S. Dollar amount to the Pakistan Rupee amount is processed by the Pakistan Card Centre. The rate charged for this conversion is the prevailing open market rate quoted to us at that particular time. Citibank also charges a handling fee of minimum 0.40 Rupee per Dollar.
For all the transactions conducted by you, Citibank purchases Dollar from the open market on your behalf. This is done to settle the account of the foreign/merchant bank, etc. where the transaction was conducted. In the process Citibank also assumes the foreign exchange rate risk. We try our utmost to get the most competitive rates for you. However due to frequent fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, the rate that appears in your statement may be higher or lower than the closing rate for that particular day. Please note that all the foreign exchange conversions are made as per the agreed Cardmember Terms and Conditions.

Cash Advance Fee

Maximum Cash Advance is 50% of the available Credit Limit. There is a one time Cash Advance Fee of 3% (minimum Rs. 500) on each Cash Advance transaction. In addition, Service Fee @ 3% will also be charged from the transaction till the time payment is posted to your card account, irrespective of full or partial payment.

Card Renewals

At the time of renewal, your card will be renewed for a period of two years. Your renewed card will be sent to you through courier, 30 days prior to the expiration date of your current card to ensure that you do not have an interruption in your credit facility. For identification and to avoid possible misuse of your card, you are requested to please show your NIC to the courier and sign the consignment slip at the time of delivery.
However, if you do not recieve your new renewed Card 15 days prior to the current card's expiry date, you are requested to call CitiPhone Banking (111-222-222 or 111-333-333) to inquire about the delay. Please ensure that your payments are being made on time as this factor plays an important role in ascertaining whether your Card Account should be renewed or not.